Garden Design Process

Information about the design process.

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This is a text version of the garden design process by Earthwork Garden Design in South West London. There is also a Flash version here.

The design process can be split into four phases.

  • Initial brief and planning
  • Planting plans, plant supply and planting up
  • Completed garden plans
  • Garden build
  • Plant garden and maintain

Phase One: Initial brief and planning

The first step in having your garden designed is to call and arrange an introductory meeting. By the end of Phase One we will have agreed a clear direction for your new garden, ready for detailed plans to be drawn up.

  • Introductory client meeting
  • Design fee quotation agreed with client
  • Design brief taken from client
  • Garden survey and site analysis
  • Initial concept plans prepared
  • Concept plan agreed with client

Phase Two: Completed garden plans

The overall shape of your new garden has been agreed, now we can confirm this in detail with hard and soft landscaping plans.

  • Final garden layout (hard landscaping) presented to client
  • Design fee quotation agreed with client
  • Planting brief taken from client
  • Planting (soft landscaping) plans prepared
  • Planting schemes presented to client

Phase Three: Garden build

To ensure a quality build, we can work with you to obtain competitive bids for your new garden and monitor construction work to project completion.

  • Prepare technical drawings for contractor
  • Write specifications for contractor bids
  • Meet contractors on site for quoting process
  • Assess quotations/present to client
  • Project monitoring on site with contractor

Phase Four: Plant garden and maintain

Your garden is built (the hard landscaping) and now we can add the plants (the soft landscaping). We can also work with you to maintain your new garden.

  • Source plants from nurseries
  • Prepare soil and plant up garden
  • Mulch plants if necessary
  • Maintenance plan if required
  • Maintenance service offered (if local)

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